The initial concepts for this project centred around using a shield device as visual shorthand for protection and Food Standards Scotland's role as guardian.
The first mark shown at the research stage was based on a modular frame and stamp device. The apple would serve as the top-level mark with the opportunity to use different stamps for the various departments within the organisation.
The second mark uses icons with the counters of the word 'food' to illustrate the scope of the organisation in a consumer-friendly way. The icons represent three primary concerns - people, food and health.
The third mark presented at the research stage was an opportunity to show a more dynamic, progressive side of Scotland. The typography gets to the very heart of the matter: picking out 'Food and Scotland' within 'Food Standards Scotland'.
Expanding on the work done with the mark, an illustrative treatment was devised for handling graphics and icons that would complement the logo.
The same dynamic sketch style was researched for call-outs and swathes.
Developing the third mark, a template for publications was explored.
Following feedback at the research stage, the second mark was chosen for development. The logo was refined to embody an authoritative look while retaining the approachability of the earlier draft.
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