I’ve been designing for over 17 years at agencies, large and small, in Glasgow and Manchester. The different cultures and approaches I’ve encountered along the way have broadened my perspectives on life, creativity and whisky. These days I get to apply all that experience at LOVE. in Manchester where I help create compelling ideas for all sorts of global brands and debate the regional names of bread rolls. 
Throughout a varied career I’ve worked on all sorts of briefs for tiny startups and international behemoths but regardless of scale, scope and budgets the thing that keeps me coming back for more is a desire for diversity, equality and progress – if I can have any small influence on those things, no matter the obstacles, then I’m doing my job.

I have a depth of experience within the spirits sector; branding, packaging and launching products for domestic and international markets.

My key skills are, amongst others: brand strategy, visual identity systems, design for print, packaging design and expriential design.

In the studio I use InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Muse and Dreamweaver. I also take a hands-on approach to design-making when required: this includes joinery, the use of hand and power-tools, paper-craft, painting, sign-writing and prop-making.
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